Vintage Fountain Pen Restoration and Repair Services

Contact me about restoration services.

All restorations and repairs are warranted for one year from the date of service.  Repairs unrelated to the original repairs and pens that have been worked on by anyone other than me, after my service, are not warranted.  Also not warranted are cosmetic damage, abuse and mistreatment of pens, unnoticed damage at the time of the original repair, neglect in the regular care and maintenance of your pen, and items and conditions not noticed at the time of, nor related to the original repair performed.

I mainly restore and repair Parkers, including Parker 51 Aerometrics, Parker 51 Vacumatics, and regular Parker Vacumatics.  Others will be quoted at the time of repair.  If you've got some Esties or Skylines, I'd probably restore those as well.

Over the last few years I've been asked to do some restorations on pens outside my own collection and have done so on a limited, case-by-case basis.  If you think I might be able to help you in this regard, drop me a line.  I will if I can.

Some prices below do not include parts, if needed, and return shipping.  Return shipping is typically about $20 or so, including tracking, insurance, and signature confirmation within the United States.  I ship USPS Small Flat Rate Box only.  Rates to international destinations are at my actual cost, including tracking and insurance for the value of the pen.  Customs duties and fees are the responsibility of the client.

Almost certainly vacumatic models will need a new diaphragm and many will need a pellet cup replacement.  Sometimes Aerometrics will need a new pli-glass sac and breather tube.  Vac diaphragms and Aero pli-glass sacs are included in the restoration.  Pellet cups and breather tubes result in additional parts charges as shown below.  If I'm unable to fix your pen, I'll send it back to you at no charge.

Contact me about restoration services.

Parker 51 Aero $45 Includes complete disassembly, sac replacement if necessary, ultrasonic cleaning, light scratch removal and hand-buffing.
Parker 51 Vac $50
Includes complete disassembly, diaphragm replacement, ultrasonic cleaning, light scratch removal and hand-buffing.
Parker Vac $50 Includes complete disassembly, diaphragm replacement, ultrasonic cleaning, light scratch removal and hand-buffing.
Parker 51 Cap Dent Removal $40 and up The tools to do this right are hand-crafted and insanely expensive!  The techniques are part science and part art.  This repair is not for the beginner or faint of heart.       
Crack Repair $40 and up Proper solvent welding and other techniques.  Buff and polish.
Nib Adjustments $30 and up Smoothing, tine alignment, ink flow, polishing, etc.
Nib Burnishing $40 and up Remove minor bends, tune, clean, and polish.  Unfortunately, I do not fixed cracked nibs.
Aerometric Breather Tube $12 Stainless steel, new manufacture, factory spec.  Only as part of a repair service, not sold separately.
Vacumatic Pellet Cup $12
Delrin, hand-turned new manufacture, factory spec.  Only as part of a repair service, not sold separately.
Hand Polish and Buff $15
Included as part of a normal restoration/repair.
Moderate To Heavy Scratch Removal $20 and up On barrel and cap of pen, excluding metallic caps on a 51.
Extreme Scratch or Burn Mark Removal ----> Quoted based on time and material.
Bench Fee - Pen Disassembly and Diagnostics $20
Only if a repair and restoration is not performed, but the pen has been disassembled by me.
For example, if you choose not to have a repair/restoration completed after I have taken the pen apart.
Cap and Clip Brassing ----> Nearly impossible to improve permanently without full replating service, which I do not perform.  Sometimes it's cheaper to replace the cap or clip.


Contact me about restoration services.

Note: If you are a dealer or fellow restorer and you need a part, call me and we'll talk.  I'll help you if I can.  Many of you have helped me tremendously over the years and I am very grateful - you know who you are.


Let's face it - vintage fountain pens break, my own included.  They're inherently fragile and old, and repairing them is risky.  If a pen arrives with a broken part that you didn't know about, I'll inform you prior to restoration or after disassembly when the broken part is discovered.  If I break a part (with the exception of a vacumatic pellet cup) I will repair or replace it at my expense.  If I damage a vacumatic pellet cup, I'll replace it for half the cost noted above, which is significantly below my actual cost.  The pellets in those things are very tricky to remove from the pump rods and the cups are very fragile.  Doesn't happen very often, but it does.

The limit of my liability to you if I break a part or pen that cannot be replaced is the market value replacement cost of the part or the pen and I keep the remaining parts if the entire pen is settled for market value.  Most parts can be found or custom made.  It just takes a long time on some of them.

Of course I won't break your pen on purpose, but I've done it on accident to some of my own on a few occasions.  It happens and is beyond my control.  Remember, many of these pens are 75 to 100 years old and they're fragile.  If I could control it every single time, it wouldn't happen. Fortunately it's quite rare.

I may elect not to restore or repair a significantly expensive or rare pen where the cost of replacement parts or the entire pen are unavailable or prohibitively expensive.  The last thing I want to do is ruin your cherished family heirloom, and you'll be glad I didn't. I will, however, find someone to recommend to you who can restore and repair it.  There are just a handful of people all over the world who specialize in extremely difficult to repair pens and replacement parts fabrication.

I hope all this stuff sounds reasonable and is just common sense.  I'd expect the same if you were restoring my pen.  Sounds fair, right?

~ Glenn