Every pen purchased on the Triumph Vintage Pens website is fully warranted for a period of one year from the date of purchase. The warranty covers the repair and restoration work we did to the pen. Of course it doesn't cover misuse, abuse, neglect, improper care and other types of intentional damage, etc. The warranty will not be valid if the pen has been worked on or disassembled by the owner or anyone other than Triumph Vintage Pens.

Our promise to you is that you will be a satisfied, repeat customer. Simple stuff, really. If you are not happy for any reason with your purchase from us, simply send it back in its original condition (except for having been inked unless the pen is sold as "un-inked") with all its parts within 14 days for a full refund.

All items sold as new-old-stock NOS or as un-inked, cannot be returned if they have been dipped or filled.

Please contact us to obtain an RMA number prior to shipping. In this case you'll pay for insured, tracked shipping and we'll refund your original purchase price and original shipping upon our receipt and inspection. To be fair to us, obviously the item can't have been damaged, abused, or serviced by anyone but us. If we've made a mistake on our end, we'll pay for shipping both ways. Pretty fair, huh?

Sometimes we'll offer a pen/pencil set and in most cases the pencil will not have been restored, in which case the pencil will not be warranted. We'll label items like this in their description.

For all warranty repair work, we'll put your item at the front of the queue, fix it for free, and send it back to you for free.

There will be rare cases where the item simply cannot be repaired; we may in fact accidentally break it ourselves. Because we deal in vintage, one-of-a-kind items that are difficult or impossible to exactly replace, the maximum extent of our warranty will be the amount of your original purchase price plus shipping both ways. In some cases we may actually have an item that is similar to yours. If we do, we'll offer it to you. If you want it, great. If not, send the other one back. Pretty fair, huh?

Our pledge to you is this: We will not knowingly sell you a pen with a defect that affects usability or value without attempting to disclose and describe it completely and accurately, and we will not list any pen for sale that I would not be proud and prepared to use myself. I use pens that I have restored every day. Remember, I'm a pen enthusiast too. Plus, I'm an honest guy. Don't believe me? Send it back and I'll keep it as part of my collection or pass it along to someone who needs it.

OK, now for the fine print. If you're happy with our items, restoration quality and service, please tell all your pen-geek friends about us. Remember, we're pen geeks ourselves! We don't make our living this way, but we love what we do.

I restore every pen that we sell as if I were going to use that pen myself. In fact, many times I do.

We do excellent, quality work and I'll stand behind what we sell. You'll be happy with your purchase or I'll make it right.

~ Glenn Atkins