NEW IN STOCK * Parker 51 Aerometric Burgundy - Gold Filled Cap - Restored And Working

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EXCELLENT...This pen has been fully disassembled, serviced, restored and is ready to write!  Pen shows very nicely.  The writing sample is from the actual pen.

Some of the pictures in this listing were taken before the pen was fully cleaned, for example the exterior of the sac and the interior of the filler housing.  There are artifacts on two of the barrel pictures near the opening.  Probably some crud on my hand from the bench to the photo booth.  Those artifacts are not there in real life.  The ink-stained appearance of the inner cap is typical.


COLOR - BURGUNDY. This is a FULL SIZE Aerometric, not a demi. Pen measures ~ 5 3/8" capped.


14CT NIB MARKED: Unknown.  There is what appears to be an apparent tool mark just behind the tipping of the nib.  Difficult to see without magnification when pen is assembled.  Does not affect function.

CLIP:  Traditional gold-filled arrow clip. Under magnification (as shown in the pictures) there appears significant brassing on the top edge of the clip.  This brassing is difficult to notice with the naked eye.  Other brassing on the high edges of the clip.  Can see under magnification.  Pen shows extremely well.

CAP MARKED: "PARKER Made In USA 1/10 12K GOLD FILLED" Vertical converging lines are are in excellent condition showing normal use wear.  Very nice gap.  The ink-stained appearance of the inner cap is typical.

FILLER: Traditional Aerometric pressure bar filler housing.  I did not change the sac in this pen.  Has normal vacuum.  New, clear sacs are clear for the first few fills and then turn opaque like the sac in this pen.  In other words, they are not clear for long.  Aerometric sacs many times last decades.  Sac and filler housing in excellent condition.  See pictures.  This pen has a brand new stainless steel breather tube manufactured to factory specs.  Many of the original sterling silver breather tubes have not survived intact.

PEN CLUTCH RING:  Great condition.  No brassing or marks.

CAP JEWEL:  Typical silver-gray with almost no crazing from age. FULLY INTACT. OTHERWISE GREAT CONDITION and consistent with age.


Pen is in excellent condition overall.  Appears to have had normal use and to have been well treated. No box. Barrel and shell are really nice.  THIS IS A NICE FOUNTAIN PEN AND SHOWS EXTREMELY WELL. The Burgundy color shines as it should. Very nice example of a Parker Aerometric, Gold Filled cap pen.


I am a collector/restorer of vintage fountain pens and I buy and sell from my private collection. My pens are meticulously restored and great care is taken to ensure their quality. I use only the highest quality modern tools, parts, and products from the world's most renowned vendors. 

Vintage brands of interest include Parker 51 Aerometrics, Parker 51 Vacumatics, Parker Vacumatics, and Parker Duofolds.

I will not knowingly sell you a pen with a defect that affects usability or value without attempting to disclose and describe it completely and accurately, and I will not list any pen for sale that I would not be proud and prepared to use myself. I use them everyday!

The return policy on all our pens is simple: If you don't like it, send it back complete with all its parts in the condition you received it in within 14 days and I'll refund everything but the return shipping cost. Please email for an RMA and address prior to your return. I want you to be happy with your purchase.

United States and Canadian buyers only please.

- Triumph Vintage Pens

Watch this video on how I restore pens.  It's long, but hopefully worth it - especially if you're bored.  Enjoy!





The pen you see in this listing is the actual pen you will receive.

This pen has been completely disassembled and ultrasonically cleaned. The nib has been delicately polished inside and out with a rouge cloth, using a tiny amount of Simichrome Polish if necessary. The nib slit has been carefully chased with an appropriately sized brass and plastic shim to remove any debris and the tines have been adjusted for proper ink flow and alignment using a 10x loupe. The feed channels, if any, have also been carefully cleaned to ensure proper flow.

The ink collector (the clear part with fins) has been cleaned using methods appropriate for its condition, sometimes including an ultrasonic bath in ammonia-based pen flush. Difficult stains are removed by hand using Koh-I-Noor Rapido-Eze pen cleaner. Many of these ink collectors cannot be cleaned to a perfectly clear state. This does not affect their functionality in any way.

The breather tube has been examined and cleaned of debris, both inside and out, and replaced if necessary. The connector on Aerometric pens (the black part between the ink collector and sac guard) has been carefully inspected and the threads chased by hand to remove any residual adhesive, ensuring an exact fit upon reassembly.

The metal sac guard (on pens that have one) has been hand-polished using a rouge cloth. The ink sac has been examined for defects, tested for leaks, and replaced if necessary. Many of these sacs literally last for decades and a large number of restorers do not routinely replace them. If a sac is not in excellent shape I will replace it without hesitation. The outside of the ink sac is then coated in 100% pure pharmaceutical grade talc to reduce friction with the sac guard.

The cap and clip have been examined, cleaned, and polished using a combination of methods and materials appropriate to the cap type (metal, cellulose, RHR, or Lucite) and condition. The clutch ring (on pens that have them) has been removed and hand polished. O-rings and other gaskets, when present, have been carefully checked for fit and function and replaced when necessary.

The hood/shell/section, barrel, and blind cap (on pens that have them) have been inspected and methodically hand-polished using a combination of materials depending on the pen’s original condition and composition.

All parts of the pen have been properly reassembled and checked for fit and functionality, including proper alignment of the section, nib, feed, collector and hood. The pen has been write-tested and adjusted as necessary for a lifetime of enjoyment. After write-testing and adjustment, the pen has been fully cleaned and rinsed with luke-warm water. With fountain pens, particularly vintage Parker 51s (both aerometrics and vacumatics), Parker Vacumatics, and Parker Duofolds, residual traces of ink may remain in the pen upon arrival. This is completely normal after restoring and write-testing a pen and does not affect the pen’s functionality. Given how these vintage pens are reassembled, it is impossible after write-testing to again fully disassemble them and remove every last trace of ink. The pen may in fact be damp upon arrival to you. Just rest assured and be comfortable that this is a natural side effect of write-testing and adjusting a vintage fountain pen after a complete restoration and service.

The pen will be packed inside a crush-proof PVC tube (or its own case when present) and shipped in a fully-padded flat rate US Postal Service box straight to your door!